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COVID-19 Precautions
We are taking COVID-19 very seriously in order to protect our patients and staff!
Please understand that although these precautions may feel disruptive or inconvenient, we must be very diligent to ensure we follow these new procedures outlined below.
1.Scheduling Telehealth visits
2.Limiting access to offices to patients only
3.Patients will be asked to wait in their cars/limited lobby seating
4.Screening all patients
5.If you have a negative test for COVID-19, please bring written documentation of such with you to your appointment.


We're here to help.
We care.
And we're ready to fight.

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We know that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and we're here to help you starting with your diagnosis.

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Cancer isn't just a physical ordeal it's an emotional one too. And connecting with other patients and families experiencing the same physical and emotional effects can be a comfort and source of strength. Support groups provide a time and place for patients to talk about their experiences with others, share information, learn coping strategies and provide support for one another.

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Experienced physicians. Advanced treatment options. Personalized care.

They’re among your best weapons in the fight against cancer. And they’re what all of us at Summit Cancer Care work to provide for our patients every day. But there’s another weapon that’s just as important: Information.

That’s what you’ll find here. Information about Summit Cancer Care, the most experienced medical oncology practice in the Coastal Empire. Information about our highly trained physicians and staff. Information about our facilities and full range of services, about what you can expect from us when you come to our office and about other local and Internet resources available for you.