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Summit Cancer Care and Clinical Trials


Clinical Research at Summit Cancer Care

For over twenty years, Summit Cancer Care has participated in groundbreaking research through its membership in the Southeast Cancer Control Consortium (SCCC), an organization that provides access to National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored clinical trials. Through the SCCC, Summit gives its patients access to over 100 trials of new cancer treatments without requiring them to travel to regional medical centers. The first practice in Savannah to offer these opportunities to its patients, Summit Cancer Care has participated in hundreds of clinical trials and our ongoing commitment to bringing the latest treatment methods and medications to our patients remains just as strong today. In fact, Summit now also participates in trials offered by the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute through its NCI designation and the Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network.

Our two full-time research nurses, Sandy Powell and Jennifer Wright, can provide you with more information about any of these activities and may be reached at (912) 354-6187. .

How Summit Participates in Clinical Trials

Summit Cancer Care physicians Dr. Harvey C. Lebos and Dr. Mark A. Taylor serve as the Principal Investigators (PI). Dr. Lebos is the PI for the Piedmont Oncology Association and Southeast Cancer Control Consortium, which is a Community Clinical Oncology Program of the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Taylor serves as the PI for H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Network Program of the National Cancer Institute. Their work ensures that our practice has the latest information on studies available through our affiliation

• Summit also participates in drug company studies approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

• Summit is a member of the Accelerated Oncology Research Network (ACORN).

• Our physicians refer patients as needed to research centers such as Emory, Mayo, M.D. Anderson and Sloan Kettering for additional consultation or to receive treatment not available in our community.

• Our full-time research nurses can provide you with more information about any of these activities.

• Please click here for a brief list of some of the NCI sponsored clinical trials in which we are currently participating. Since clinical trials open and close monthly, please contact our office for the latest listing.

If you decide that a clinical trial is not right for you, you should know that Summit routinely collects data on standard treatments and shares information with other collaborative research networks so that the effectiveness of these treatments may be continuously studied and cancer care improved. As with a clinical trial, you will be asked to sign an informed consent before any information regarding your treatment is released.