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Treatment Day Information

We have the facilities to administer intravenous therapy at our locations in Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia, as well as Hardeeville, South Carolina. Intravenous therapy means that the medication needs to be administered directly into your vein. We employ nurses that are certified by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation at each of our locations to ensure that you receive the latest and best treatment. Each of our nurses and pharmacy technicians carry years of experience in preparing and administering chemotherapy and any other IV therapy that you may need. Here are some common questions you may have about your treatment day:

Can I eat on my treatment day? Can I bring food with me?

Yes!! Please eat a good breakfast on your treatment day. We want you to maintain your normal meal schedule and we do not want you to skip any meals. Although we offer a few selections of drinks and snacks, you should plan to bring a lunch or have someone bring you lunch if your treatment is going to last more then 2 or 3 hours. We ask that if you do bring food, please do not bring anything greasy or anything with a very strong smell that would offend other patients. It is a good idea to stick to food that is easy to digest on your treatment day.

How long will my treatment take?

Everyone’s treatment takes a different amount of time. We will let you know approximately how long your treatment will take when we schedule your treatment day. You will need to see either your physician or one of our mid-level providers before we begin your treatment to ensure that everything is in order. You also may need to visit our lab on your treatment day.

Lynn with portWill my intravenous therapy treatment hurt?

Since your treatment needs to be given in your vein, we will need to start a small IV. If you have a permanent access device such as a port-a-cath, our nurses are specially trained to access and teach you about your device. You may be nervous about needles and we understand your fears, that’s why we do everything we can to make you comfortable, from using the smallest needle we can, to using numbing spray on your port-a-cath site. We ensure you that all of our IV nurses have years of experience and are all very good at starting IVs. After your IV is started, the administration of your medication is painless.

What would be helpful to bring to my treatment?

We provide comfortable recliners, pillows and blankets. You may have a favorite blanket or pillow and you are welcome to use it. We provide a small selection of magazines at our treatment sites but you are encouraged to bring anything that will entertain you such as a laptop or portable DVD player with headphones. You can also use your cell phone in our treatment rooms although we ask that you keep your volume levels low to be courteous to other patients receiving treatment. If you are on pain medication or any other medication that has a schedule such as insulin, please bring your medications with you.

headphonesDo your treatment rooms have WiFi?

At this time, our treatment rooms do not carry WiFi capabilities. However, you are free to use your electronic devices at a low volume or with headphones.

Can I bring my family or friends with me?

We encourage bringing someone with you on both your education day and your treatment day. We understand the importance of a good support system. You can also have people visit you during your treatment, however we ask that you limit your visitors to one or two at a time so that everyone has room to bring a family member or friend with them.