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Our Services


Summit Cancer Care is dedicated to helping our patients with a variety of quality services.

We make sure that we provide state-of-the-art care at each of our locations so that you can remain close to your support system.

Our physicians specialize in medical oncology and hematology which means they are expertly trained in the treatment of cancer using chemotherapy drugs. 

They also treat blood cancers such as leukemia or other blood disorders such as anemia, hemophilia or thrombocytopenia. 

Our physicians do not do surgery nor do they treat cancer with radiation therapy.  These types of treatments are performed by surgeons or radiation oncologists.

Our services include the following:


Chemotherapy refers to the treatment of cancer with specialized drugs that are a part of standardized regimens.  The drugs are administered intravenously (IV infusion), injected from a syringe or taken orally.  You may require chemotherapy as part of the treatment regimen you and your physician have decided on. If so, you find can find out more about chemotherapy and our infusion therapy services here.

Hematologic Diseases

In addition to their training in medical oncology, our physicians are specially trained hematologists, which means they can diagnose and treat your blood disorder. We also offer IV therapy for blood disorders such as iron deficient anemia and blood clotting disorders.

Financial Counseling and Assistance

We know that a cancer or blood disorder diagnosis can be stressful. We offer a range of support services to help you with your treatments, including financial counseling and assistance and offering access to support groups.

Retail Pharmacy

Many cancer treatment and supportive care drugs are now available orally.  We offer the convenience of filling those prescriptions in our office so our patients can fill them onsite and have the expertise of our oncology-experience pharmacist.

Clinical Trials

We employ special personnel to help those who qualify for clinical trials navigate through their treatments. Click here for more information.