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Our Practice


A cancer diagnosis introduces a host of new needs and questions into everything from your finances and daily routine to your nutritional needs. And that means that your cancer treatment needs go beyond the strictly medical. We understand this.

To help meet the full spectrum of your cancer-related needs, Summit Cancer Care provides a complete range of staff and facilities. We invite you to get to know more about each of them – and know that they’re all standing by whenever you call on us.


Our Physicians and Staff:

If you have received a referral to us because of your cancer or blood disorder diagnosis, you will be a patient of one of our physicians. You will also encounter our professional staff during your visits. To get more familiar with our doctors and clinical staff, select from the menu on the right.

Our Facilities:

We have four clinical offices in Southeast Georgia and South Carolina to make sure you get the care you need closest to home. We also have a business office in Savannah that handles the non-clinical aspects of our practice. To find out more about our locations, you can click here.

News and Events:

We participate in several events around the community. Click here to see some of what our staff has been up to.