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Your First Visit

Your first visit to Summit Cancer Care is an important one. Here’s what you can expect to do while you’re with us:

Complete Your Medical Records and New Patient Forms

When you check in at our office, you’ll be asked to fill out and sign various forms that are important in enabling us to provide care to you:

  • “Patient Information and Authorizations”
  • “Patient History Form”
  • “Preferred Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Hospital Information Sheet”
  • “Consent for Release of Medical Information”


These forms are also available in Adobe Acrobat for you to print and complete prior to your visit with us.


Please be sure to bring all of your current medications with you so we may add the medications to the list in your chart.



Laboratory Testing

Before you arrive for your first visit, our physicians will have reviewed the medical information sent by your referring doctor. If this information indicates the need for any lab tests, you’ll go to our lab for blood draws.





Meet the Nursing Staff

The nursing staff will greet you in the waiting room and take you to the examination area in order to weigh you, take your vital signs and review the information on your medical information form.




Physician Exam and Assessment

Once you’re settled in your private examination room, your physician or mid-level provider will do a physical examination and discuss the medical findings, any further tests that may be needed and the possible treatment options. Since a cancer diagnosis also affects your family, you may choose to have a family member with you at this time.



Patient Education

If treatment is required, your physician may schedule a patient education visit for you with one of Summit’s nurse practitioners. During this education visit, the nurse practitioner will discuss your specific treatment plan and anticipated side effects. You will then be asked to sign an informed consent document stating that have been educated about this treatment and giving us permission to treat you with the designated medications that your doctor and you have decided on.


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The nurse will lead you to the checkout window, where you may schedule your next appointment if needed.